Drafting the wishlist

A friend of mine tagged me in her Birthday/Christmas Wishlist Facebook note. (Hallo Yoj!) She was…more or less specific about what she wanted. One look at that list and you’d find out exactly what she’s into.

My birthday is coming up (only five more days yay!) so I figured, hey, maybe I should write a wishlist too. Last time I made one, I got nearly everything on the list. Who knows, it could happen again this year.

So I opened a new document, flexed my fingers and…


I couldn’t think of anything. I sat there for a while, just staring into the blank screen, unable to think of even one thing that I wish I could have. How the hell is that possible?

I could ask for one of the new Canon digital cameras, but on second thought…nah. I’m happy with Yvaine. (Yvaine’s my trusty Powershot 1100IS, just so you know.) I’ve always wanted an iPod Touch, but I swore that until Helena (my iPod Video) becomes a hopeless case, I’m not giving her up. I haven’t gotten around to reading the all books that I bought, so I don’t need any more to add to my queue at the moment. I could think of several items of clothing and accessories that I fancied, but none that screamed ZOMGWANTGIMMENOW.

What I REALLY want right now, sadly, couldn’t be purchased in stores.

What I want…is to find out what I want. (Okay, confused yet? Good, me too.) Wait, no. I know where I want to be. My biggest dream has always been to work for a women’s magazine, and write novels on the side. I set that dream aside because Nursing promised greener pasteurs and easy money. I had two months to try and get used to life as a nurse and as much as I valued the experience…Let’s just say I don’t think I would be happy, living that kind of life.

I want to deviate and try going for ye olde dream again, but now I lack the proper background. Getting hired to work in a magazine will be a bit of a long shot for me now. I’m still going to try though, and see if it takes me down a different road, or if it will lead me back to where I started.

Hm. I have five days to think about what to wish for before I close my eyes and blow those birthday candles. I’ll see if I can come up with anything by then. Suggestions, anyone?


One thought on “Drafting the wishlist

  1. Chen, sana makatulong itong wishlist ko.

    My Wishlist:
    1. Kwek kwek with spicy “street” sauce.
    2. Snacku and Kornets Original
    3. Pirated DVD and XBOX 360 games
    4. Manny Pacquiao shirt (nabili na ni Tin, yes!)
    5. Cool stuff from CD-R King (USB fridge, solar powered cellphone charger, etc.)
    6. Purefoods corned beef
    7. Barangay Ginebra Jersey (Ronald Tubid)
    8. Bob Ong’s Kapitan Sino
    9. Cinammon roll from Julie’s Bakeshop (dapat Julie’s bakeshop.)
    10. R4 dsI for nintendo dsi

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