A year ago today

(This post is for yesterday, December 13)

A year ago today, I was at the airport, sullenly dragging my luggage along as we waited for our flight to Las Vegas, and eventually, Canada. At the time, I thought it’d take years before I could visit (not come home to) the Philippines. My heart broke every time I thought of that fact.

A year ago today, my family was eager to see each other,  with optimistic hopes of possibly making up for the years that we spent apart.

A year ago today, my friends all gave me calls and messages of au revoir and prayed for my speedy return.

A year ago today, I was happily in love, my head full of idealistic notions of “love will get us through”.

December 13 of this year, I am back in the Philippines. My family is kind of in shambles. I am single (again), and my ego is still pretty bruised from being dumped by quite possibly the most disappointing person I know.

None of those matter though. Because I spent today, December 13, 2009, with two of my best friends, my soul sisters. We saw a play and had crepes and coffee and talked about career paths and family issues and moving out. We were talking, not on YM, not on Skype, but face-to-face.

All that matters is that on December 13, 2009, I am home. Happy Anniversary Canada.


6 thoughts on “A year ago today

  1. This is nice…sometimes, all you need are good friends, good talks, over good coffee.

    I’m hoping everything will get better for you soon!

    BTW, I love your dress, and Nic’s new hairstyle! <333

  2. Hi Chenyl, ang ganda ng year end report! Sa konting paragraphs na yun ay nasummarize mo ang mga pinakamahahalagang events na nangyari sa ‘yo at feeling ko di ako nahuli sa pakikibalita. Ako a year ago from today, probably nagpupuyat, nanonood ng tv, kumakain ng spaghetti tapos pumupu sa banyo (I dumped some pupu with possibly the most disappointing odor I know, but my ego is not bruised because I was the only one who smelled it, and along with it I still kept my pride and dignity as a human being). Napakadramatic no? You are very, very lucky to be home and with your friends. Sa huli yan ang pinakamahalaga, more than a good career and lots of money. Good luck sa mga plans mo and hope to see you soon.

  3. @saicho and sorbie: ❤ you girlsss

    @Yoj: I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Hopefully, this time next year my blogpost will be singing an even happier song. 😀 Also: the dress is ukay!

    @Gab: Things are already looking up. Can't wait for 2010! I miss you Gab, I hope to see you soon too.

    @iRock: Thank you!

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