What If I Were

Look at them. Standing around in their white coats, poking around where they shouldn’t, scribbling notes that they think will someday help them understand.

So serious. Always so serious.

They keep trying to study us, make us subjects of their little experiments. I know what they do to the rest of my kin when they somehow catch one of us. I heard the stories, and they didn’t sound pretty. They use the crudest methods of study, cutting us open and picking us apart like some sort of carcass, as though the secrets of our existence were written on our bones. They argue among themselves, trying to decide who is wrong and who is right when it came to our…behavior.

Highly insulting, that.

Their ancestors never tried to question us. They worshipped us. They made shrines in our honor, painted us on their walls, carved us in wood and clay and into immortality. We were…why, we were gods.

Now…we’re only lab rats. No longer gods but mere objects of speculation. They have me on their table, bound and immobilized. I was caught, and they think it is some sort of victory. They think they’re so smart now, with their fancy gadgets and “complicated” theories, theories that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I lie here, and I watch them. It’s laughable.

They are not studying me. No. I am studying them. Those long hours of lurking in shadows weren’t for leisure.

And now that they’ve caught me, I will feed them information without their knowledge, and they will think they are another step closer to understanding our nature. And when I’m done here, I’ll be gone, and I will leave no trace behind. I, unlike these barbaric humans, know how to clean up after myself. They would wonder, I know, where I have gone and how I left, but they wouldn’t mind. They’ll be so confident that they can find and capture another like me.

Oh but of course it would be an easy task, finding another one of us.

I was caught, because like everyone else of our kind who was captured, I was supposed to be caught.

It’s laughable, the way they think their intelligence is above ours. For all the intellect that they boast of, they do not know that should we decide to really, finally take this earth from their fragile little fingers, they will not survive. They, with their fancy gadgets and complicated theories, will not be saved from what we’re capable of.

I close my eyes. Let them enjoy this so-called victory. There is nothing in me that they will find that I don’t want them to find.

We were here long before them. We’ll be here long after they’ve gone.

They're watching you.

They're watching.

A/N: Another exercise for the writing group. The challenge? Less than 1000 words on “What If I Were”. Anybody have an idea who or what is speaking? :p


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