Happiness is Free. No, seriously.

A REALLY late post.

Jobhunting and the post-breakup phase of going out every day is taking its toll on the moolah I’ve saved up from my pizza girl stint in Canada. At this point, I’m trying the complicated task of tightening my fist on my funds and still be able to go out with friends and…new friends. Heh heh.

It’s funny, how I and a friend of mine in a similar financial state,  tried to spend as little as we possibly can during one of our ladies’ days out. The weather was stiflingly hot that day, we could’ve just hailed a cab and get to Glorietta quickly, hassle-free AND sweat-free but no. We braved the heat, and took a jeepney (not even the FX!) and the train. At Starbucks, the two of us shared a drink (so it won’t be embarrassing to stay there while we waited for others) and I refrained from getting dessert like I usually do. We chose to catch a movie in Glorietta rather than Greenbelt to save a few extra pesos.

We were going to catch the 8pm screening of Fame, so we had a few hours to kill. Keeping our budgets in mind, we set out to find something to eat. I personally would’ve been happy with Php 40 Hong Kong noodles, but then we saw this:

Like bees to honey

Like bees to honey

I always thought the lines at World Chicken at lunch hour were ridiculously long, but this particular line was even longer. A waitress stood near the end of the queue, herding more people toward the stall.

Ma’am, try niyo po Go Greek. Free po,” she said.

Wait. Did she say free? Oh yes she did. My friends and I kept exchanging skeptical looks, asking among ourselves what the catch was. Yes we’re that optimistic.

“Pagkakain natin, may seminar pagkatapos…five hours long.”

“Marketing to. Mamaya may uupo sa tabi natin, mangrerecruit na.”

“Feel ko maanghang yan, sobra. Tapos bawal magtubig. Pag nagtubig ka babayaran mo, twice yung price.”

But lo and behold, there was no catch. Apparently, the franchise was newly opened and they were doing a dry run, to see how well they would do. FREE FOOD HELL YEAH!

We get to choose one entree each which came with a side serving of Greek salad and rice. I told the waitress behind the counter that I wanted the chicken. She gave me this.

Why hello there.

I’m not sure if it’s just because they were on a trial run and they’re trying to please the people, but the serving they gave me was HUGE. That’s half a chicken and what seemed to be one gigantic cup of rice. That is WAY more than what my appetite is used to.

I forgot the name of the dish that I got, but it was chicken cooked in ginger and herbs that I’m not familiar with. It was moist and well done, and whatever herbs they used seeped into the meat and blended well with the taste of chicken. It came served with this magical red sauce that I think was made of fire-roasted tomatoes, black pepper and chili. I drool at the memory of it.

The price range is I think around Php.200, which isn’t bad for a serving that big. Believe me when I say that that meal was satisfying, in quantity and in quality.

Random strokes of luck like this don’t happen very often, but don’t you just love it when they do?

Your satisfied (freeloading) customers.

Your satisfied (freeloading) customers.


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