My Twenty-Second, Take One

***REALLY Late Post***


It’s my twenty-second birthday!

It has been tradition in our family to go out and celebrate birthdays with a movie and a fancy dinner (by “fancy”, I mean “not fast food”). The film lineups in cinemas aren’t particularly appetizing, but off we went to TriNoma anyway to see Red Cliff, an epic war movie set in 3rd century China. The plot is a little reminiscent of 300, in the sense that the protagonists were massively outnumbered but they used clever strategies to make up for their lack in numbers. I am not a big fan of war movies, but I found myself watching in rapt attention, squinting to read the subtitles (Aren’t I brilliant for forgetting to wear my contact lenses?), just so I wouldn’t miss anything. If you haven’t seen it, maybe you should.

Anyhoot after the movie we grabbed dinner at Holy Cow Steakhouse. I loved the interior of the place, all leather and warm, earthy tones. I especially loved the big leather armchairs. They remind me of Mafias and The Godfather for some reason. I just couldn’t resist camwhoring a little with them.

I'm no smoker, but the chair feels incomplete without a cigarette. Haha

The food wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be, however. All our entrees seemed rather bland and a little too greasy for my taste. My mom’s steaks are so much better than theirs. Here’s some deceptive food porn for you.

Mozarella and Parmesan Grilled Chicken

Country Fried Chicken

Roast beef? I forgot.

Kudos to the service crew though. They were very attentive and they responded to our requests quickly. AND I they gave me free cake because it’s my birthday! I free stuff! And cake! Yay!

At least the cake was good. Dark Chocolate Fudge Pie ala Mode

Happy birthday to me!


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