My Twenty-Second, Take Two!

Celebrating with my family is one thing. Celebrating with friends, however, is an entirely different adventure. I usually just invite friends over to my house for a casual dinner, a little drinking and maybe watch some DVDs, usually something very…chill. But this year, I have been to Canada, traveled internationally by myself, had a first job and went through a major physical transformation. I rather think I’ve changed so much, internally and externally. Naturally, I wanted to do something a little different from the usual.

I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do for my birthday though. This is where Route 196 and Rocketboy Productions come in.

Route 196 is this tiny place in Katipunan which I think is known among the indie community for being a place for band productions and gigs. A friend of mine booked it for a gig that he organized and he gave me invites. Now if you must know, I am an avid lover of music, and I’ve never celebrated my birthday in a gig before so this was actually perfect. What’s even better is that three of the performing bands on that night are good friends of mine as well, so now I had an event, AND I had guests. Two birds with one stone!

It was a night of awesome music, food, booze and a whole lot of laughter. I wasn’t sure if the friends I invited to go with me were down for things like these, but they humored me anyway. Luckily, it seemed like they enjoyed themselves as much as I had, and I had a BLAST.

Partay photos!

Before the alcohol

AFTER the alcohol

Birthday toast!

Birthday toast!

"For the wounds that never heal!"

Special surprise for le birthday girl…Guest band Stonefree dedicated Anghel for me! OMGFANGIRLSQUEE!

Miro of Stonefree ❤

2009 has been especially rough on me, but epic times like these remind me that despite all the shit I had to go through, I still have it good.

Want awesome, pogi bands in your events too? Contact:
Grey Noise
Stories of Now (formerly 10 Story Fall)

(You dudes should really pay me for saying that. LOL)


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