The Obligatory Christmas Wishlist 2010

Another year has come and gone, and the holiday countdown has long begun. We can all say that the spirit of Christmas is giving and time with the family and loved ones, getting in touch with people you haven’t seen in a while,  all that in the name of the holidays.

Well…all those things are true, but COME ON. You cannot argue that the youthful excitement that we all feel around Christmas time is brought about by the thought of getting… PRESENTS! XD

About two years ago, I posted a Christmas Wishlist, not exactly to beg for people to give me the said items on the list, but to document the (material) things that I wanted most during the jolliest time of the year and to see whether or not I could actually get them before the year ends. I am pleased to report that about I was able to get about 75 percent of that list (yaaay!) through the course of the year that followed that Christmas.

So now I present to you…My Wishlist for 2010!

1. Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (or any other book from the  Song of Fire and Ice series). I’ve just finished the first book and DAAAMN, I can’t wait to find out how everything’s going to pan out.

2. Neil Gaiman books! Nothing like Gaiman to make me fall in love with fantasy again.<3

3. Questionable Content hard copy. I was so psyched when I found out they’re producing hard copies; I’ve been a fan of the webcomic for years. You might want to check it out here.

4. Connector Rings. I had several of these a few years ago, but I think I misplaced them and never got around to buying new ones, because they weren’t available locally. Thankfully, we have it here now!

5. Beanies. I’ve recently discovered that I like headgear. They make an outfit feel more complete.

6. Night Elf ears. (This means you, Altair Alonso. YOU PROMISED!) Totally useless, but heyyyy I liked being a Night Elf for Halloween. (Yes I’m a World of Warcraft fan. Join us in Neverendless server and look for Lurline.)

7. Kitty Ears. Just ’cause they’re cute. :3

8. High sound quality earphones. I read somewhere that no matter how awesome your MP3 player is, the sound quality you’ll get will depend on two factors: the music file itself, and your ear/headphones. I used to have JVC earphones, and it served me well for two years before it finally retired.

9. iPod Touch 64GB. Pwahahaha this request really IS wishful thinking, but what the hell. My current iPod is great and all, but its 30GB memory is now full to bursting with songs. Having musicians for friends makes sure that I have a constant source of new bands to listen to.

10. Even more than an iPod, I want an external hard disk. My laptop recently broke down on me, and I had to shell out cash just to recover files. Why? Because I wasn’t able to back up. T__T

11. Weekender bag. For the summer that is to come BOOYA

Preppy Bag from

12. Plain white shirt. The elusive perfect white shirt that everyone must have.

Hanes V-neck in plain white

13. Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow Quad in Natural Smokes. For the daily semi-dramatic eye makeup.

Photo from

14 & 15. Notebooks and/or nice bookmarks. Self explanatory. :p

Aaaand there it is, my wishlist for the following year! Did we have any in common? What’s on your wishlist?


2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Christmas Wishlist 2010

  1. the Natural Smokes quad DOES have a reincarnation in our local Maybelline. Just look for it in those Diamond shine quads (i think theyre called). i didnt note the exact name, but the swatches are the same. 😉

    hope you get the stuff in your wishlist!

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