Clarissa Darling Was My Fashion Icon

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always dressed a little…differently. I may not be what you would call very fashionable, nor was my style outrageously out there, but at least I could say there’s a personal stamp on the way I dressed. More often than not, I choose not to follow trends (save for a few that looked great on my body type. I was rather chubby, you see.)

HS Christmas Dance, 2003

A classmate of mine said once, before a Valentine dance, when I described the outfit I had in mind. “Hay nako, magpaturo ka nga magdamit.”

I took that as a personal insult. Just because I didn’t own a pair of “pedal pushers” (I didn’t understand that fad, those pants looked like bitin jeans or overlong shorts) and I didn’t don racerback tanks all the time (hams for arms, anyone?), it didn’t mean I can’t dress. I wore patterned minidresses with tights, and off shoulder tops with long skirts even though those ensembles weren’t considered cool. I didn’t care much, all I knew was that that was the closest to Clarissa Darling fashion I could get and I loved it.

I freaking LOVED this show

That personal style carried over and evolved to this day. Comfy, a little edgy, and showing just a little bit of skin: that’s how I’d describe it. If you knew me at all, you’d understand why words like “soft”, “dainty” or “feminine” were never really applicable.

Purple zebra-striped top (Tomato), black denim mini (Zara), black slouchy boots (Janylin)

However, I feel it’s a time for a little change, or at least an expansion of my usual looks. I wanted to try something very girly, like florals or babydoll dresses and whatnot, but those things just never looked right on me. I’m not exactly what you’d call a delicate flower.

I am no dainty lady

A friend of mine and I swore to change our image in the following year (hello Ice!). She’s going for the feminine, laidback, Boho vibe and promptly suggested that I could go for preppy.

That could work, I think. Preppy is not overtly feminine, so I think I can still make it work for me. I’m not excited about all the layering though, not in our humid country. With all the commuting I do, I’d probably end up sweating like a whore in church. Is there a way to work out a preppy look without having to layer so much?

Should I go for it? Any other style suggestions would be much appreciated!


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