Backtrack post: I’ve got a side-job!

(Written December 12 2010)

I have been named road manager today.

Well, I’m still undergoing training, and I have to wait until the current road manager leaves for the US to be officially called such, but still. I can’t tell why, but the offer to become road manager left me grinning like a giddy idiot. I’ve always been a music lover and working in the industry (in a matter of speaking) is like a dream. For now, it pays little, if at all, but I’m not counting on this job alone to feed me or anything. It’s more of a hobby that gives me extra pocket money, so yay!

Currently I’m learning how to set up equipment. Yes, yes I know, that’s a roadie’s job, but we don’t have roadies yet, so I’ll have to take over that job too. I don’t mind, really. Besides, if we do ever get roadies, at least I’d know what I’m talking about when I make ’em do stuff.

I hope to one day learn how to operate the sound board. Tita Che, the main manager of the band, says it will take a while to train the ear, but I’m willing to stick around until I master it. Right now, my short term goal is to master which wires go where and which plugs go into which sockets and not blow anything up. Those effects pads are hella expensive.

This must not happen on my watch 😡

It’s been fun so far!


One thought on “Backtrack post: I’ve got a side-job!

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