A Fork in the Road

Remember when I said I am trying to venture out of the whole Nursing loop?

Well. One of my best friends, who also happened to be a classmate of mine in Nursing school, is now working for a shipping company. There is an opening in the company, they’re looking for an inside sales executive,  so of course she proceeded to give me an extensive list of reasons why I should apply and why I’m going to really enjoy it there.

I had my reservations with the job (my lack of non-nursing experience for instance), but I thought, what the hell, let’s just see what happens. So I sent in my resume, took the written exam and went to the interview.

I should probably tell you that I already had my fair share of rejections from corporate companies who didn’t want to risk hiring Nursing grads for fear of them leaving for the States. Disappointing experiences, those were. So for this particular interview, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I got a call today.

And….well. I think should go shopping for corporate clothes. 😀


3 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road

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