This is why I fear credit cards

I know I’m not supposed to count chickens before the eggs hatch but a girl can dream right? And with a steady source of income, a girl can’t help but dream, and dream BIG at that. I’m not a shopaholic, but I’m sure I have a huge tendency to be one so if I can help it, I will never get a credit card. I don’t like borrowing money and being in anyone’s debt anyway.

This is me trying to lay out my bigger purchase plans so I can practice a smidge of discipline. Hopefully I get everything before the year ends.



1. Braces: I really want to fix my teeth, and realign my jaw. The sooner I get braces, the sooner I can get them off. Not getting any younger y’know!
Estimated cost: 30-40k max, staggered payments

2.  Lasik: I need to get a new prescription for my eyes (glasses/contacts) anyway, so why not go for the more permanent fix? I still have to see a doctor to know if I’m qualified for Lasik though.
Estimated Cost: 50k max, both eyes

3. Dance Classes/Gym membership: I get too lazy to work out at home, especially after the long commutes so I need to do my exercisin’ away from home. I can always just go jogging around MoA but dance classes just seem like more fun!
Estimated cost: ??


1. 64 GB iPod Touch 4: MUSIC + net browsing + cute camera apps.
Cost: USD 400 in retail

OR the slightly cheaper alternative

160 GB iPod Classic: MORE MUSIC. No other features though, but I’m thinking of buying a BB also, which can cover my netbrowsin’ needs. Argh indecisiveness will kill me.
Cost: USD 249 in retail

I think I can get a new iPod for a cheaper price in Greenhills (especially if I trade my old one in) but I kinda want to buy a brand new one, if only for the warranty. The Apple warranty for my current iPod has served me very well, I want that for my future iPod as well.

2. A Blackberry. Not sure what kind I want yet, but I don’t need a super fancy one. I have a separate music player and camera, so I’m not really looking for those features. Suggestions?
Estimated cost: 11-15k (for BB Curve)

3. Laptop: Not sure what kind I’m getting yet either but I want a heavy duty one that can handle my gaming needs.
Cost: ??


– My own place. :p

Do you have suggestions, advice or discouragements to offer? Please do tell, I could use the opinions.


15 thoughts on “This is why I fear credit cards

    • Wait what? Why not? got a phobia for touch screens? hmmm… all phones will eventually be touch capable so.. no use getting away from it. Maybe It’ll be better if you tell me what you look for in a phone?

      • Hmm.. Something that has a long battery life (I make and get a lot of calls), has internet access and is durable. A business phone would be ideal, I’d need something like that for work. I don’t like touch screens much, they’re a little too sensitive for my taste. :p

  1. Quite a list regarding techie needs. I say wait a little bit for the iPod because you know Apple’s gonna release a new one later this year. Same reason why I haven’t jumped to the iPhone bandwagon yet since the “5” will be available in the next few months.

    • Hmm yeah you’ve got a good point there. Although I must say, I was never one to jump in bandwagons, especially not with Apple since the brand is so frikken fickle. I’ve been using the same iPod I bought some six years ago, just that the 30 GB isn’t enough anymore, especially since two bands we know keep suggesting new music to listen to haha.

      Basically, I just want an MP3 player with a memory bigger than 30GB, it doesn’t even have to be Apple. Unfortunately there aren’t any MP3 players with a bigger memory space than Apple. Or is there?o_O

  2. Ah really, aren’t iPods supposed to survive for that long? Mine still actually works pretty well. The only problem I have so far is that it freezes sometimes, but that doesn’t happen very often. It might have something to do with the fact that it is full to bursting with songs, not enough memory for the OS.

    • Well my 4th Gen (20gb) one died in less than 2 years. Usually it has something to do with the hard drive inside. It’s easily fixable nowadays (especially dyan).

  3. 15k for bb? really O_o wow, i’m way off my estimates here- i thought they still sold for 40k O_O

    also, for the braces, gora! altho grabe yung downpayment, i think some dentists require that you give them a third of the price as down muna.

    • Yeah! BB Curve goes for 11-12k, from my research. I guess the recent models are more expensive. Alsoooo…iTouch or iPod Classic???

      I want colorless braces!! Pwede ba yon??

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