Dear Ex-Boyfriend

Your bitterness is just a wee bit unbecoming. Seeing you is not exactly my idea of a fun night either, but I deal with it. Get over the drama already, won’t you? So I don’t want to be with you anymore. So I don’t think being friends while you’re not really over us yet is not a good idea. This makes me a bad person now, does it? Mkay. I think your definitions on stuff needs working on, but whatevs. Go and believe what you want to believe.

I don’t know why I never deleted you on Facebook, and why I never un-followed you on Twitter. I simply didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Maybe I should have, if all I’ll ever hear from you are complaints every time I make an appearance.

So here’s the deal. If you don’t want to see me, tell our friends not to invite me to places. I won’t go anywhere that I’m not invited to, you see. I do not wish to force my company on them. So if you can make them stop asking me to go, then I won’t go. Easy, yeah?

Oh by the way. I just want my books back. You can keep the money that you still owe me. Keep the external hard drive too.

I don’t need it anymore, the way I don’t need you and your dramatic bullshit.


4 thoughts on “Dear Ex-Boyfriend

  1. Hmmm. We lead such dramatic lives. ;p

    Getting rid of all the drama, eh? Gooood job.

    I miss you, dearest! I haven’t seen you in eons. Hope you and Mela are doing ok. Hugs!!!

    • JILLIAAAAAAN. We miss you! And WOW, you, Mela and I all drama detoxified at pretty much the same time no? We’re doing fantastic, we hope you are too! Where are you now ba?

      • I just saw this now, sorry!
        To answer your question, I’ve been… preoccupied. ;p It’s been pretty smooth-sailing though, so I’m thrilled. 🙂 Glad to know you ladies are doing great.

        The three purgers must see each other soon, yes? 🙂 Let’s schedule it!

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