One Month with Nymeria: X10 Mini Pro

It’s been a month since I got Nymeria, my X10 Mini Pro. She’s the first phone that I ever got with my own money, and my first SmartPhone too. It took a bit of getting used to, but so far, I’m in love with her. She’s compact enough, she does everything she’s supposed to, and can even do a few extra neat tricks.

Say hi to Nymeria

Admittedly she does not have the sexiest of designs. Aesthetically speaking, I think the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire models have the sleekest designs out there, as far as SmartPhones are concerned. I don’t mind it much, I like that Nymeria is small enough to shove in my pocket.

This post is basically an attempt of a basic, average, everyday mobile phone user to review what using an Xperia X10 Mini Pro is like.

What I especially like:
responsive touch screen
conversation thread type of messaging, very much like iPhone messaging. I love that correspondence with specific people can be archived this way.
battery life lasts for about three days of moderate texting and calling and minor web browsing
– having the choice between standard alpha-numeric touch screen keypad or slide out qwerty keyboard
WiFi connectivity and everything that comes with it. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress anytime, anywhere as long as there’s WiFi
– USB connector makes charging via PC/laptop possible. No need to lug the charger around, just the USB cable.
– seemingly scratch proof. I’m not exactly careful with my stuff and they end up getting scratched one way or another. Not sure if I’m just treating Nymeria with more care than usual, but she’s still scratch free at the moment.
Little to no lag, as long as you don’t load her with so many apps.

What kinda sucks:
– sometimes OVERLY responsive touch screen. My cheek tends to hit the End Call button on the screen during calls >_<
wifi processes and certain apps tend to consume battery faster (but I think all SmartPhones have this problem)
– phone software updating takes FOREVER
– the tiny screen might make web browsing and reading difficult for some people. I can deal with it, since I don’t really use the browser function unless I really need to, but some people might prefer phones with bigger screens.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the purchase, even though it punched a 10k sized hole in my savings account. I’m on an app shopping spree in the Android market right now though. Someone stop me before I kill Nymeria with so much junk. XD


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