Succumbing to the Call of Androids

A few posts ago, I talked about the list of stuff that I would be saving up for. The list included several gadgets, like a new phone, a laptop and an MP3 player. A recent addition to the list is the Amazon Kindle. I’d write more on that, but that should be for a different post.

A month ago, I was so ready to buy the Kindle already, because I saw someone selling it for only 6k. But then Vixen, my five-year-old Nokia N70’s battery gave out on me. I tried replacing the battery, with a cheap-ass batt first, and then a more expensive original battery, but neither extended the battery life for more than a day of moderate texting and calling. I get a lot of calls on my mobile so it REALLY sucks when my phone dies on me. That was when I decided that it was time to put Vixen to rest.

RIP Vixen

I researched for days on what kind of phone I wanted to get. I initially was tempted to get a Blackberry, but I was told I might not be able to maximize its features here in the Philippines. Plus, it’s kind of expensive.

I was never a technophiliac, was never really up to date with what’s the latest on gadgetry out there. All I really wanted was a phone that wouldn’t die on me when I make calls, so I figured a nice Ericsson Walkman phone (Zylo or Spiro, to be more exact) is affordable enough and would serve my minimal needs well.

I always said that I didn’t like non-standard phones, because the mobility of a clamshell/slide unit tends to make it prone to damage. I also said I didn’t want a very complicated phone, because I might not be able to use its other features much.

And then the saleslady handed me a working model of Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

More on the X10 Mini Pro later.


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