Winter is Coming

“When you play the game of thrones, either you win or you die.”

When I read that line in the first volume of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, I just knew this tale would be too good NOT to be translated to film.

A Song of Fire and Ice is basically a series revolving around seven kingdoms fighting for the right to rule one realm. Sounds simple enough, yes? Sounds pretty damn boring too. I REALLY do not have a stomach for politics, so I nearly brushed this book aside when somebody suggested it to me.

Persistent friends I have, and soon enough I found myself listening begrudgingly to the audiobook  copy of the first novel.

One of the best gifts that I've ever received

Most of the story takes place in various regions in a continent called Westeros, previously ruled by the Targaryens, a family well-known and feared by many for their strange affinity with dragons. Yes, you read that right. Dragons. See? The series is looking better already, yeah?

Anyway, yeah. Westeros was ruled by the Targaryens until two other families (Baratheon and Stark) allied to overthrow them. Several years of peace later, the usurper king meets his death. His firstborn son, should’ve been the rightful heir…but who his first and trueborn son is a question that must be answered first. And as that question hangs unanswered, the rest of the seven kingdoms of Westeros have begun the mad race to claim the Iron Throne.

Across the sea, exiled from Westeros, is the last Targaryen aiming to claim what she thinks is hers by birthright.

Elements like intrigue, betrayal, fantasy, incest and revenge make for a novel that is just SO HARD to put down. George RR Martin has an intricate writing style that allows him to integrate magical elements oh so subtly into a very rustic medieval setting which just makes everything much more believable.

I muscled through the audiobook despite my firm belief that books are meant to be read, and not listened to, just because I didn’t have money at the time to buy my own paperback copy. I’m on the third installment of the series now, and I just have to say, so far, it just keeps getting better.

ANYWAY. The whole point of me blathering about the books is that HBO has turned it into a series! It’s supposed to be premiering April 17, 2011 in the US, but since I am in poor, ol’ third world Philippines, I would have to wait until mid-year to see the first episode. Which really kinda sucks, because I’ve been drooling over the promotional posters for months and months.

If you’re in a country where A Game of Thrones has premiered, please let me know how it turned out. Is it worth watching? Did HBO do justice to its epic-ness? DO YOU HAVE A LINK WHERE I CAN WATCH IT OHMYGOD DYING HERE

Anway, if you’re just like me and do not have the luxury of seeing the pilot episode, I guess we should just settle for the promo posters:

…I really should unfollow the AGoT Twitter so I don’t get even more envious of everyone else who HAS seen the premiere.


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