Emotional Workout

These past few days have been strenuous for my head and my heart, so forgive me for any cheesiness and emo crap that will flow from here on out. It’s my blog and I must vent.

An Unexpected Kiss:
I do not know where that came from, but it was a pleasant surprise. I do not know much about you either, but I am curious. Curious about you as a whole, curious as to why you did what you did, curious about where it can lead to, curious if I’m ready for it. I could’ve stopped you you know, but I didn’t. I figure, I spent last year taking all sorts of crazy chances, didn’t I? Not all of them ended well, mind you, but I can still say I’m glad that I did.

So, I am still open to any possibility. If you are too, you know where to find me. Who knows, maybe this one will end better than others.

A Goodbye:
My friend, it has been ten years of laughter, debates and randomness. The fact that there would be no more impromptu invites from you for a while still hasn’t sunk in, but I do hope that you know that I will miss you so, so much. You leaving is only the first step to the many great things that you’ve always been meant for. I’m just sad that we didn’t get to spend more time on your last few days here.

Good luck love, and I hope you find what you seek. I look forward to your return, and the stories that you will bring with you.

A Breakup:
I wasn’t aware that a breakup can happen without an actual relationship, but it just did. You are unconventional, and so am I, and it only makes sense that what we had (have?) was unconventional too, right down to the breakup. We were never fond of mainstream, were we? (Wait, no, you went with the popular choice so I guess you like mainstream just enough.)

I always thought that this, whatever it is that we had, didn’t mean much to you. But I guess I was wrong, if it bothered you so much that you had to bring it up. That caught me way off-guard. And…I must admit that it did mean something to me too, I just never thought about it. I didn’t want to, because the circumstances aren’t very friendly to our situation. I figured it wasn’t going to happen anyway, so why bother myself with it.

Maybe someday, if and when your heart is free once more, and if mine still is, maybe we can try and pick up where we left off. For now, all I can say is it’s been a good game, my dear. Good game indeed.


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