I.B.A Reborn as Source of the Force

I once mentioned that I’m sidelining as a road manager for a couple of bands. One band is Stories of Now, which I like to refer to as the kuya band. They just recently got into The Jack Daniels Set’s final seven, and will be touring with six other bands. All in all, I’d say their career is pretty smooth sailing (fingers crossed!) so far.

Their little sister band is what I’m actively handling. I.B.A is an electro-pop-punk band that’s been on hiatus for some time. They recently got a new drummer, a new guitarist, and pretty much a whole new sound so we all thought it was only right to debut as a brand new band. After much debate and consideration, we finally decided on naming the new band “Source of the Force”. Yes I know, we like our geekery. Shut up.

The re-launch of IBA as Source of the Force happened last Friday, May 6,2011 at Casa Nami.

Poster courtesy of G Protacio. Clicky on photo to visit his blog.

I’d say the debut/re-launch was a success! They played a six-song opening set before Stories of Now, featuring covers from bands like Panic! at the Disco, No Doubt, Muse and Paramore. It was a pretty short set, but you can expect more to come on future gigs, they’ll be adding more covers and tightening up their original songs.

A very proud stage-ate I was. The set wasn’t perfect, I know, but the glitches were minimal and everyone, both the band and the audience alike seemed like they were having a really good time. That’s all that matters, really.

Can’t wait for the next!

To watch out for other gigs, Like the Source of the Force Facebook page by clicking here.


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