Musings While Listening to Muse

I went on a catch-up date with a friend yesterday.

While I was waiting in the nurse’s station for her to finish her shift, I just observed quietly the environment that I left. Not much has changed really.

I couldn’t help but feel, more than ever, how blessed I am. All the choices that I’ve made so far have been for the better.

By day, I work for a company that really takes care of its employees. My boss is a brilliant woman, and is appreciative of my talents and efforts. More importantly, she gives credit where it’s due. I’m currently working with one of my best friends just a cubicle away from me. The rest of my colleagues are some of the smartest, most wonderful people I’ve ever met, and it makes working everyday easier. I see none of the dirty politics and needless, destructive gossip that I used to have to endure.

By night, I manage bands. Pro-bono most of the time for now, but I really don’t mind. I get to move around the industry, discover new music, meet people and go to events when I’m not managing one.

I’m learning so much, from business, to people, to music, to technology and everything in between. So many new experiences, so many opportunities.

Oh, and the clincher here is that I actually have the TIME and energy, not to mention the money to do all this, and still be able to chillax with my friends and loved ones after a hard day’s work.

The only hurdle now is to make my parents see that this IS the right path for me. Once I convince them that everything I’m doing has a point, and that I’m not just wasting my time, everything will be golden.

I am going places. It’s just different from where I initially planned on going, but this new destination will be so worth it.


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