Previously, in an episode of “Chenylity”

“While she manages Source of the Force as they resume their regular  Friday stint in Casa Nami, Chenyl runs into a high school friend,  Frederick,  in the Makati hotspot. Fred brings with him a crowd to celebrate his despedida, among them is a guy who catches Chenyl’s eye and eventually comes up to flirt shamelessly with her.

This leads to a run-in with her old flame, who brings with him an apology…and a desire to be friends again.

“I don’t want to fight anymore…”

Another guy expresses his mixed emotions as he watched her in action on “the field”.

“That was the first time I actually saw you in The Game. I’m proud of you, Vixen…and just a bit jealous. You did great tonight. “

The episode ends with her band’s drummer almost getting into a fist fight with the bartender.

What does the next episode hold for our heroine? Tune in next week.”


Is it just me, or is my life becoming more and more like a TV series???


2 thoughts on “Previously, in an episode of “Chenylity”

  1. I love it! Life is not too exciting without a little bit of drama into it. Welcome to my world! LOL

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