Delayed Summer Episode 1: Potipot Island

When I started working this year, I already resigned myself to the fact that there is little to no chance for me to enjoy a proper summer vacation. Probees usually have limited leaves, and I wanted to save those for emergencies.

Lo and behold however, I was regularized after my third month (HUZZAH!), and with it came the influx of the fringe benefits.

So, when I got the invite for a beach getaway to a place called Potipot Island in Zambales, of course I said yes. Never mind that I had no idea where that is, and that the name sounds pretty sketchy. I just wanted to do something that involved sun and sand before the rainy season rolls in.

Welcome to Potipot! (Photo by Arnel Palor)

The place is prettier than its name (Photo by Arnel Palor)

Aptly named “Poor Man’s Boracay”, Potipot Island boasts of fine sand and clear, blue waters that Boracay is also known for, only, you spend less.

Here’s a breakdown of what the package we availed of:

Budget: PHP 2500 per person (group of at least 10)
Inclusive of:
– Shuttle service exManila to Zambales and back
– Boat transfer from Zambales to the island and back
– four sets of full meals
– tents
– full use of the beach “amenities”

The difference between Potipot and Boracay, obviously, is that there a probably less people in Potipot, and…well. Potipot isn’t exactly the most civilized of places. Our group opted to sleep in tents, but you also have the option of availing their cottages.

Camp out!

I personally didn’t fancy the cottages, since you had to climb up to get in. Outings like these always entail massive amounts of alcohol. Stairs and alcohol aren’t a good mix. The tents weren’t so bad anyway, at least for me.

Inviting, but I'd rather stay near the ground when I'm drunk (Photo by Arnel Palor

The only thing I really want to complain about is the lack of proper plumbing. I’m no delicate princess, but I do take hygiene seriously. Think, toilet bowls with no tanks, shower heads with broken taps and no tabo. I didn’t want to eat or drink too much during the whole trip, for fear of having to use the bathrooms.

Well anyway, for the price that we paid, I think we really got the value for our money. Comfort may not have been the highlight, but it was an experience worth remembering, and I’d be glad to do it all over again.

And now for gratuitous beach photos. Pardon the vanity, I only get to wear a bikini a few times every year and I wish to capture my youth while it’s still non-offensive.

My constant camwhoring buddy

Souvenir shopping

Le body ink up close ❤

My beloved group of geeks and geekettes

Want to experience Potipot? Message me, I can hook you up with contacts. Peace!


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