It All Ends – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This is not a movie review.

I don’t think I can review the last Harry Potter movie effectively, simply because I might have put too much sentimental value in this entire franchise to comment in a completely objective manner.

Yeah, best not make me do a proper review.

I met Harry about twelve years ago. I was eleven, same as he was when he first entered Hogwarts. I’ve seen copies of Sorcerer’s Stone several times in the stores, but I always ignored them. I was a cocky eleven-year-old. I read the summary in the back of the book and immediately thought it was “too childish” for me. Yes, yes I know, shame on me.

And then I saw one of my friends reading it in class. What’s so weird is that this friend is a guy who just didn’t like to read. Was the book just THAT good that it even interests non-readers? That sparked my curiosity enough to borrow the book from him and read, at the very least, the first chapter.

I wasn’t able to put it down after the first page.

This collection isn't mine, but I'm sincerely wishing that it is

From there, I religiously followed the series, saw all the movies, haunted fan sites and read fanfiction during the excruciatingly long periods of waiting in between books. I bawled like a baby whenever someone died, hated Umbridge and Cho Chang with a passion, shipped all the pairs that are never going to happen and apologized profusely to the books for thinking so horribly of Snape.


I honestly felt that as I grew up, Harry and everyone else grew up with me. Standing in line for the last movie gave me the same feeling I felt when I was boarding the plane for Canada. Like I was saying goodbye to everything I knew and loved.

Admittedly, the scenes from the final battle could’ve been more epic, Voldemort made the weirdest sounds a villain can ever make (I think it’s the severe lack of a nose), and that fucking epilogue just really never worked for me, but STILL. It’s the last movie, the end of everything. I can’t even begin to describe how much this really means to me and to fans all over the world.

Yeeeah we're stuck with this epilogue forever, aren't we? Oh wellz.

But it’s not really good bye, is it? JK Rowling said so herself.

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

Make sure your kids get to experience Harry Potter, guys. It would be a huge mistake if they don’t.


3 thoughts on “It All Ends – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

  1. Ako din in general I don’t like the epilogue. But in this case, i think it pretty much summed up the ENTIRE series quite nicely.

    More or less, the whole Harry Potter series started with the 11-year old Harry in the Hogwarts Ex, and the series ending with his 11-year old son in the Hogwarts Ex caps the entire thing, and THAT makes it a sensible ending.

    I would rather have the present ending than if they ended with the weird and awkward scene of the the trio outside the destroyed Hogwarts bridge. If you think about it, the ending of the 8th movie isn’t just the ending for the 8th movie; it’s the ending for the entire series.

    So, yeah. As one who doesn’t like the epilogue in the book, i like its effect for the series. 🙂

    • Oh that it ended at the station was perfect. In the book, its the content of the epilogue that I found lacking. There are so many things other than their progeny’s names that I wanted to know that wasn’t mentioned at all.

      In the movie, I can probably forgive the minimal content, the epilogue is mainly symbolic there I think. It’s the bad aging process that they did that I can’t get over. Hahahahaha ang babaw sorry naman. =))

      So yeah, even though I can’t say I loved this movie as much as the others, I still accept it for what it is: the ending of a fantastic legacy.

      • Hahaha i kept on thinking about that, about whether (or not) the producers should’ve hired older actors to portray the older characters, but the more i think about it the more it sounds unacceptable.

        Can you imagine sticking to 3 kids for 8 films and then at the last 10 minutes of the series suddenly their characters are played by 3 complete strangers? i cant imagine! :))

        But yes, the aging process was a bit, well, incomplete. The old Harry looked as if he only had time to beget one son, instead of, what, 3? :))

        And you can’t really age Emma Watson, artificially or naturally. 🙂

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