A Very Geeky Wishlist

October means birthday month… which means it’s time for the obligatory birthday wishlist!

Onwards, then!

1. Desk organizer: We recently just moved to a new office location,  and I want to revamp my station. A pretty station keeps me motivated, k. Hush.

Desk Organizer from Refresh Fashion (clicky on photo to view site)

2. Geekcessories! When I fangirl, I fangirl hard.

Top: Time-Turner (Harry Potter) and Evenstar (Lord of the Rings) necklaces from noblecollection.com; Bottom: The Deathly Hallows + Mockingjay pendants; Alice in Wonderland pendant from Wickedclothes.com

 3. New mugs for the office. I consume a lot of caffeine and water, one mug is rarely ever enough.

Mugs! Gamer-reference mugs much preferred

4. Books/Graphic Novels. Self-explanatory. I doubt if these will ever leave my wishlists.

Clockwise from left: Sandman series; Fables series; Neil Gaiman books; Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

5. World of Warcraft hoodies. LOOK at how sexy those are. Yes, I want both Alliance and Horde hoodies, because I love my Night Elf hunter (Lurline) and Tauren shaman (Arrabelle) equally. And yes, I just described something WoW related asa sexy.

Clicky on photo to see the rest of the shop

6. Any accessory with an opal.Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find something with an opal that doesn’t look like it belongs to a grandmother??

Siobahn's Wish by Etsy.

Last, and most out of place of all…

7. An out of town trip. Somewhere quiet and remote, somewhere that I’ve never been to before where all I have to do is relax, enjoy beautiful scenery and LIVE.

Can I just say, that this year’s list is the geekiest one that I’ve ever come up with? :))

What do YOU want to get for your birthday?


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