Revisiting My Kikay Self

This year is probably the first time I’ve ever heard of a Sodexo.

Oo na, I live under a rock. >_<

Apparently, these were gift cheque-like things that you can use almost anywhere (they have a wide variety of partners stores). I got my first one during our company Christmas party last week.

And this is where I spent mine on:

Cosmo December 2011 Issue, Marionnaud Premium Slanted Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Slanted Brush, In2It Pink Alert Palette and a variety of accessories

I’ve been a little too petiks lately to really bother dressing up and do my makeup properly. Recent pow-wow sessions with my lady friends have reminded me that I still am a girl, and may need to keep myself looking like one lol.

So, I added some new tools to the trade. Le girl bible Cosmo, Marionnaud Premium brushes, a pretty new palette from In2It and other pretty, shiny things.

Can I just say, I’m a little disappointed with Cosmo; it’s not telling me anything I didn’t already know. Sad, because I used to devour its pages.

But then again, being the Internet troll that I am, hardly anything on printed magazines these days are new to me.

Very happy with everything else. Many thanks to Nicole and Liz for the recommends, the brushes and palette have been very useful! Will be experimenting quite a lot with these babies over the holidays.

Did you get anything awesome recently? 🙂


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