2012: Quarter-Life Crisis Year

When the clock struck twelve last New Year’s Eve, one of my very first thoughts was “I’m turning twenty-five this year. Twenty-five. A quarter of a century.” 

Needless to say, it threw me into a fit of panic. A slew of questions wouldn’t stop nagging me, questions like “What do I want with my career?” “Why am I not a manager yet?” “Why don’t I have a freaking car yet? Or my own place?” “Do I want kids? Marriage? Oh good lord please don’t make me think about marriage. If I want kids, I should get them before I’m thirty because it’s hard to conceive past that age right? But if I want a baby by the time I’m thirty, I should take all the risks I want and travel the WORLD like…NOW. Unless I go for adoption, which is a wholly different story. ”

ANYWAY. I digress.

Point is, I have realized, now more than ever, that time time really does fly. Thus I made a solemn promise to myself that I will make this year count, in terms of career plans and personal growth.

And so, I dub 2012 as my Quarter Life Crisis Year. Join me on my anti-aging obsessions, home and body makeovers, travel plans and other such panicky things expected from a twenty-five year old girl trying to keep up with this fast paced world.

2012 will be amazing. Whatever the stars say, I will make it so.


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