The Wanderlust Series

It began with the family trip to Corregidor.

That trip awakened my long-dormant desire to travel. The fact that I like traveling, experiencing new things, seeing sights and learning about other cultures and history was reawakened during my visit to the historic island. However, travel can also be quite expensive, so I never really had the chance to do this (save for my business trips to Davao).

Thanks to corporate level wages, seat sales and group buying sites, the dream of traveling didn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

After Corregidor, there was Boracay, the first out of town trip that I had with friends that was not within Luzon. A long time ago, we all made a wish, saying that we hope one day, when we say let’s meet up, we mean meet up in Boracay. Despite the monsoon season, we made the trip happen, and still had a blast.

As an early birthday present for myself, I booked a trip to Singapore with one of my best friends. I am planning on going to Cebu before Christmas.

I do not know whether it’s just part of my quarter life crisis, or I really am just a born wanderer (in spite of my abominable sense of direction). Either way, it looks like I will be traveling a lot after this. I am not by any means rich; every trip I will make will be on a very tight budget. The Wanderlust series will be my means of recording my experiences.

Wish me well. 🙂

Come away with me.
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