Happy 2nd Anniversary, Globe Telecom Complaint!

I swear, Globe is like that crazy ex-boyfriend that you want so badly to get rid of because he’s so toxic and bad for your overall health, but wouldn’t leave you alone and holds you hostage in some way.

I am writing this post about the wonderful journey of the prolonged resolution of my Globe complaint, mainly to document the experience in case I need a reference in the future. In my experience, you can never really tell with Globe if an issue is already resolved for real or if it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Also, I wanted to rant. If you’d rather not read a whiny ass post, you might want to stop here (but I hope you come back later when I post more fun and/or useful things!).

Otherwise, here’s the briefest background I can come up with for your reading pleasure (that isn’t very brief, given that this is a two-year long issue that involves multiple frustrating interactions and a buttload of reference numbers)

August 11, 2015: I requested for line termination. My contract period was well over by this time (I opened it in 2011, 2 year contract period) and I’ve paid my outstanding balance before I made the call for termination. The termination was confirmed during the hotline phone call and I was given reference numbers as proof.

On the same day, I got myself a Smart Postpaid plan and immediately disposed of my Globe sim card as soon as I got a Smart sim. For the record, I remain in a very happy relationship with Smart.

August 22-January 22, 2016: I still kept receiving Globe bills.

January 22, 2016: I called Globe to demand why the crap I am being billed for a service that was confirmed terminated months ago. It appears that my line termination was NOT reflected in their system (despite their verbal confirmation and issuance of a reference number) so they continued to bill me. On this call, the agent reviewed my account to confirm that there is indeed zero activity, gave me a reference number to confirm my line termination (fo’ realz this time) and another reference number for balance reversal of the bills they sent me from August 2015-January 2016.

February 22, 2016: I received another bill. Yes again, even after the second confirmation that my line has been terminated.


Just leave me alone Globe, I told you, this relationship is just not working anymore.

March 14, 2016: Globe’s collections agency sent me a payment reminder notice, stating that my ‘unpaid balance may affect my credit standing’. So, apparently, my balance reversal case has not been resolved.

March 15, 2016: I raised another escalation, and got another reference number.

July 25, 2017: Another e-mail received from the very stern collections agency about the same alleged ‘unpaid balance’.

July 26, 2017: I paid a visit to the Globe Store in Mall of Asia (where I opened said account) because all I can ever seem to get from the hotline is a reference number. Alas, they claimed that they can not help and that I must direct my concern to a phone number. It’s just so weird to me that frontline stores and back-end agencies did not have the same access to customer records.

I called the hotline from INSIDE the Globe Store, using my OWN mobile phone because their in-store phones cannot call the ‘termination hotline’. A telco store that has limited connectivity to their own facilities. Sounds ridiculous and extra because it is.

Anyway so, I called their termination hotline and you know what? This might shock you but I got a – *DRUMROLL PLEASE* – reference number.

Oh, and another promise that someone will call me in four working days.



While waiting for the update phone call, I filed a complaint to the NTC, responded to the email from the collections agency and copied in every NTC customer complaints e-mail address I could find and joined the Globe Community forum. I also bugged the crap out of all my colleagues who had any sort of contact in Globe in my desperation.

I didn’t receive the promised call as expected, so I again had to be the one to call to get an update. (See, even after all these years, Globe still can’t keep a promise. And people wonder why I wanted to leave that relationship?)

Miracle of miracles, I was told that my balance reversal has been approved and it’s reflected in the system. HUZZAH! Freaking finally.

Aaand so this is how my two-year long drama with Globe ended. I’m holding back a little on celebrating for now; but I hope never to hear from Globe or any of their affiliates about this issue again.

Some useful links for you in case you also have a frustratingly unresolved issue that’s going nowhere and want to file a complaint:


I’m sure I’m not the only one with frustrating issues with a Philippine telco (not just Globe). Share your story on the comments below!


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