OMG, Suesh now has Liquid Foundation

Local brands are on a ROLL lately! I’ve been seeing so many exciting new releases, and it makes my Pinay beauty junkie heart so proud that home grown brands are becoming on-par with foreign brands.

Suesh is a name that most beauty enthusiasts in the Philippines would already know about. The brand has been around since 2006, making reasonably priced, quality brushes that are accessible for beginners and experts alike.

While I have several Suesh brushes in my modest arsenal, I’ve never had the chance to try out their makeup line. So, imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to try their latest products!

I’ve been using the Long Wearing Hydrating Foundation daily for over two weeks, so by now I have a pretty good idea of how it performs. I have a lot to say so here’s a hella long blog post!  Continue reading