OMG, Suesh now has Liquid Foundation

Local brands are on a ROLL lately! I’ve been seeing so many exciting new releases, and it makes my Pinay beauty junkie heart so proud that home grown brands are becoming on-par with foreign brands.

Suesh is a name that most beauty enthusiasts in the Philippines would already know about. The brand has been around since 2006, making reasonably priced, quality brushes that are accessible for beginners and experts alike.

While I have several Suesh brushes in my modest arsenal, I’ve never had the chance to try out their makeup line. So, imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to try their latest products!

I’ve been using the Long Wearing Hydrating Foundation daily for over two weeks, so by now I have a pretty good idea of how it performs. I have a lot to say so here’s a hella long blog post! 

Formula and Shade Range

The products including the correctors and primer all come in pump bottles, which IMO is the best type of packaging there is for liquid foundations. The formula is creamy and not too runny, easy to work with using fingers, a sponge or foundation brushes. In the two weeks that I’ve been using it, I didn’t break out or get any irritation.

There are five shades in the foundation line, all with yellow undertones formulated for Filipina skin tones. I found my shade match in FK101.


The long swatch on top is my usual base for comparison (Maybelline Dream Satin in B2)

These were described to be full-coverage, but I found them to be medium coverage at best. I don’t have much to conceal, mind you, but I still found myself needing concealer for a pimple scar and some veins. I personally don’t mind this though, as I like bases that let a bit of my skin peek through.


Application and Finish

It blends out easily, layering well on top of my usual skin care preps and sunscreen without any patchiness or pilling.

Since it’s supposedly a hydrating foundation, the product looks very wet and feels tacky when freshly applied, especially when using a wet sponge. The wetness is less pronounced when using a round buffing brush.

You’ll definitely need to set this with translucent powder to make the shine and tackiness go away. Once set with powder, you get a rather pretty, velvety finish.


Bare face vs freshly applied base (dat shine tho) vs finished makeup look

It doesn’t feel greasy, or heavy so I had no issues wearing it daily to work. This also didn’t make my face feel tight and dry, even on days that I skipped my usual layers of hydration and I’m stuck in an air-conditioned office all day. This is great news for people with dry skin!


Longevity and Wear Time

I didn’t notice much fading or creasing throughout my work day. I did notice though that it oxidized a little on me, but not overly so. My combination skin starts oiling up (mainly on the T-Zone) in about 4-5 hours in air-conditioning, faster when I’m out in the heat of commuting.

But…is it just me or does the oiliness look a liiittle bit like…glow?


Fresh makeup vs six hours later.

Quick notes on the correctors and primer:

There are three corrector shades available, which are all liquid versions of their OG pot correctors. There’s one in green (which looks more like teal?) to counter redness, yellow to brighten dark spots and a purple one to balance yellow tones.


I used the yellow corrector, applying it with either a ring finger or a concealer brush on my dark circles but I found the formula a bit too liquid-y to do much. I was unimpressed with this, which is a pity because I’ve heard many good things about the OG corrector pots. Maybe I’m just using it wrong? Let me know in the comments if you have any tips on using correctors!

The primer was just…okay. (None of the bottles were actually marked as a “primer”; I just assumed that the one labeled ‘Base-W’ was it.) It looks white when you pump out the product, which then sheers out once spread. It’s nice and hydrating without feeling greasy, and it didn’t alter the color of my foundation. However, it didn’t do anything special either. Since I have several hydrating steps in my routine already, I think I’ll skip this.

Price: The foundation costs Php 450 and the correctors are Php 550 so these are slightly more expensive than some drugstore brands. Both have a hefty 40ml of product though so I think it’s still reasonable.

Try the foundation out if:

  • You want a reasonably priced, lightweight, daily foundation with medium coverage.
  • You have normal to dry skin, and want something hydrating.
  • You like dewy finishes in your foundation.

Suesh’s Long-Wearing Hydrating Foundations are promising new additions to the brand’s growing list of make up products. The lightweight, medium coverage formula is great for daily use especially for people with normal to dry skin. It has a gorgeous finish, as long as you set it with powder. I love dewy looks so I intend to keep this in my rotation of face bases, especially for the cooler months of the year (like now!). I’m hoping that the brand also comes up with a matte formula too though!

The correctors and primer are just okay, but I’m now curious about the corrector pots. I just might grab a few just so I can compare the performance.

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, Suesh is available on their website, on BeautyMNL and in their stores/outlets.

Have you tried any of Suesh’s make up products? Which ones would you recommend for me to try next?


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