Chenyl Who?

Hello, I am Chenyl. People have a hard time pronouncing my name, but it’s not that hard really. It’s like Sheryl, only with a C and an N. Easy, yeah?

I have an “RN” attached to my name, but I am currently rocking the “marketing executive” job title. It pays better ’round here.

I like dressing up…and not only in the “I want to be a fashionista” kind of way. I’m talking COSTUMES. I probably would’ve been a cosplayer if I had the money for it. I guess I like being a different person every once in a while.

Which is probably why I like roleplaying games of any kind. Consoles, MMOs…I’d even try my hand at tabletop. Currently, I am immersed in the lore of World of Warcraft. And Guild Wars 2. And Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I LOVE theater plays, and having theater actors for friends made me appreciate that more. Oh, and musicals too. I like the idea of bursting into song at any given time or place.

Showtunes aren’t the only things I listen to though. 90’s bands, chill indie music and electro-pop-punk dominate my playlists right now, but I’m appreciative of most genres.

I’ve been a huge Neil Gaiman fan even before he was hip.

I name my gadgets.

In restaurants, I always look at the dessert menu first, but I never mean to do it.

I always like the books better than the movie versions.

I never cry in movies, but I was a blubbering mess whenever somebody dies in Mass Effect.

I used to be really into the whole clubbing scene, but now I like to spend my weekends with board games and MMO’s, and the occasional movie-coffee dates with friends.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. This blog is me trying to be one.

I’m one of the weird ones who would rather stay here, in the Philippines instead of looking for a better life elsewhere. I’ve been “elsewhere”, and it was great, but home is right here, where I was born and raised.

Find me?

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