My Boss is (now) a Blogger

Some three months ago, I was but a prodigal nurse in search of a new calling. It was a bit of a struggle: few employers in non-medical industries were willing to take a chance on flighty nurses who had the tendency to drop everything and leave at the first chance of getting a job out of the country.

Luck smiled on me when I stumbled upon Maerskline and MCC Transport, with the help of my friend Mela. She introduced me to the weird and wonderful world of sales and shipping (more exciting than it sounds, I swear)…and to the coolest boss EVER.

I swear, she reminds me of Rashida Jones

Stella’s pretty young, almost TOO young to be a boss. Once I saw her in action, however, I had no further doubts as to why and how she got to where she is. She’s aggressive and authoritative, and she takes chances, no matter how insane those chances seem to be. Hello, she took on not just one, but two prodigal nurses under her wing, a gamble that nobody else wanted to try.

I’ve seen her get sabaw, I’ve seen her get her party on, seen her shop, seen her with friends, seen her with her beau. I kid you not, she has fans in the office. (Ahem, Karmela, Faith and yours truly). I believe they will not disagree when I say that she is someone we all aspire to become.

Okay I know this post is starting to look like I’m just sucking up to her, but no that is not the point of all this. I just wanted to share just how cool she is first before I promote her newest venture…BLOGGING.

It baffles people when Stella claims that her biggest dream is to be a housewife. “Career woman” and “housewife” are usually far from being synonymous. To some people, the term “housewife” can mean a jobless woman, dependent on her husband for their means of living. While I disagree with this negative and rather sexist connotation, I have seen some instances when being a homemaker is made out to be something to be laughed at and ridiculed.

It is also said that when you are a career oriented person, you may have a tendency to disregard your duties at home. How many movies have you seen showcase a career woman who relied on take-out dinners and househelp to take care of the home?

It just doesn't equate....Or does it?

Knowing the kind of person Stella is, she will prove this nuance wrong. In this day and age, no longer does being a housewife mean just kitchen duties and laundry. Women can be both a career woman and a superstar housewife, and this blog will be proof of that.

Superstar Housewife is still under construction, but from the name itself, I can already surmise that this will feature simple recipes that newly-learning women can try, DIY home projects, travel, and of course, a few kikay (makeup and fashion) tips here and there. This is a site for wives, wives-to-be, girlfriends, and  basically women in general.

Work in progress, but clicky on photo to check out!

I have a blogger for a boss. MAN, did I make the right career change or what?