Irie (I-rie \I ‘ -ree) is a word in Jamaican Patois that can mean 1: powerful and pleasing 2: excellent, highest n 3: the state of feeling great. 

Rhythm and darkness and heavy raindrops press in on her, and she sways along with the music with her eyes closed and her ears open. The rain was cold, her skin was warm and her thoughts were a hazy mess of half-thoughts, but it was not entirely unpleasant.

She hadn’t planned on being here tonight, so far away from where she intended to be. However, she found that she was enjoying herself far more than she would have been able to on her own, as is usual with other random nights like these that are used to fill her calendar.

“Let’s dance,” he says in her ear, a welcome sound above the clamor of carefully constructed beats and melodies. When she opens her eyes, his smile is bright and his hands spread before him by way of invite.

She hesitates, lip between her teeth. He was a stranger by all accounts, and she had sworn to herself not to dance with strangers anymore. Not after all the trouble it almost always leads to.

But then again, random nights like these always begin with strangers, and they always end up with a new set of friends.

“Come on. What are you afraid of?” he urges once again. This time, she smiles back and takes that first step forward.

And then his hands were on her waist and suddenly the floor was no longer beneath her and she was flying, flying, weightless and unshackled from the gravity that held her down.



The Green Line

A busy last day, it was.

I have been everywhere and nowhere all at once, flitting from one place to another, a crazed butterfly eager to visit every part of this strange, foreign garden before flying home.

So much to do, so much to see, and yet still so very little time.

And so there I stood, the tracks rumbling beneath my feet as I took the time to soak in every detail, committing them all to memory.

It will be a while before I’ll be here again, if I even do return. It would cost quite a lot to go back you see. I’d gladly do it if there’s something worth going back for, however. No one knows, really.

I would very much like to come back, of course. Perhaps even stay. I like it here. It’s clean. Quiet. Structured.


The train came to a screeching halt, signalling the end of this ride, and the beginning of my next.

And then, above the din of unfamiliar tongues, I hear my name. Through a sea of strange faces, past the rushing feet and shoving arms, I see you smile.

And a photograph just won’t be enough to capture that moment.

Photo credit to trappedinreality


Author’s Note: Hardly anything inspires me to write these days, but my recent out-of-the-country trip was one of those rare things that brings me back to my muses. Here’s to hoping it happens more often.


We write our story on water.

Nary a photo to immortalize any moment. No souvenirs to mark the milestones.

No traces. No prints. Nothing to burn, or discard or donate when all this mess is over. No ashes to clean up. The world shall turn still, business as usual. When it ends, it’s as if it was all in my head. Just memories of a distant past life, so hazy it seems like it was all imagined.

Just a story for the books, an idea to fuel poetry and art. Just fiction. When it ends, its like it never happened.


It did.

2011 Wrap-Up!

When 2011 began, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology enthusiasts claimed that it was going to be a bad year for Strong Metal Rabbits, which, according to my birth date, is what I am.

I respect astrology in general, and I take note of the warnings, but I refused to let that dictate how my year was going to go. The two previous years were already bad enough, there is no way I was going to let 2011 be as bad.

Surprisingly enough, 2011 has been one of the best years of my 24-year-old existence.

If 2009 was Breakup Year, and 2010 was my Wildchild Year, 2011 is the Career Year. For the first time ever, I finally felt like my life had direction and purpose. Majority of the note-worthy events that happened the past year was work-related. I suppose I was just hell-bent on proving to everyone that I made the right choice when I decided to forego being a professional nurse and try my luck with something else that made my first year in the corporate world a rather exciting one. (At least, for me.)

Why my 2011 was a blast? Let me count the ways.

I joined the corporate world.

– Being a licensed nurse, everyone who knew me expected me to fly abroad and get rich off of nursing. I was a pretty decent nurse (I think?) but a few months of practicing the profession made it clear that being good at something didn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be happy doing it.

From RN to Sales & Marketing

I didn’t exactly plan on seeking a new career, nor did I actively look for a different path, but the opportunity for change landed on my lap (thank you Karmela Dua and Stella Alamil), and I was smart enough to take it. There’s room for improvement, sure, but overall I am now happier in my professional life than I ever thought I’d be.

I got regularized in three months. 

– Fuckyeah. If that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is.

Best letter I've ever received.

I managed a band.

– I am not a musician, but I do love music and I think I know a good song when I hear one. I’ve never really “managed” anything before this either, so when I got the offer, I was rather hesitant to do it.

I did it anyway. Unfortunately, we recently lost two members (one from health reasons, and another from family reasons), crippling the band entirely. The remaining members decided to go on hiatus in the meantime while we searched for worthy replacements.

Band-ing around

BUT, I just might resume this role soon. Good things await the band this 2012, stay tuned. 😉

I got inked.

– I had a fear of permanence, probably rooted to being afraid of long-term commitment. I thought I’d get a nose ring first before I’d get a tattoo (and mind you, I hate facial piercings), since I can easily get rid of piercings if I didn’t want them anymore. But…well. Things change, don’t they?

I’m rather happy with my first tattoo though, even if nobody can seem to tell that it’s a fox at first glance.

It's a fox, not a gumamela.

I got the first bill under my own name.

– Huzzah for one further step into independence and adulthood! I subscribed to a Globe post-paid plan, landing a purple Blackberry along with it. That’s one thing off the The Great Splurge List  too.

Say hello to Halle Blackberry

I finally got my iTouch.

–  I don’t fracking care if everyone’s getting psyched over Siri, I’ve never been much of an iPhone fan. Helena, my six-year-old 5th Gen iPod Video’s 30GB is no longer enough to contain all the new music I’ve accumulated in the past few years.

This is yet another thing off The Great Splurge List. Thank you, 13th month pay.

And this one here is Anna Molly

I [kinda] tried an extreme sport.

 I attempted to ride a longboard. It was just once,  and I didn’t do much, but I didn’t die so that’s still an achievement for me.

Pretentious lang ako

I organized a corporate event. 

– This damned event defined my whole September, the most stressful, albeit most productive month of my year. I learned Photoshop, PR skills, and organizational techniques in a span of four weeks, all for this one, day-long event.

My stress alopecia acted up during the planning phase of this thing, but it was all worth it in the end. And hey, the company CEO commended us for our good work so all’s well that ends well.

He knows my naaaame T_T

I flew domestic for the first time ever.

– I’ve been to Canada and back, but I’ve never traveled domestically outside of Luzon. I’ve always wanted to, but I never had the resources to do so.

Last October, I flew to Davao for a business trip, and I’ll be going back there this January. Flight and accommodation all paid for by ze company.

And people expect me to go back to nursing? HAH.

Aaaand lastly….

I went from open dating to exclusivity.

Some time ago I wrote about an Unexpected Kiss. I thought that wouldn’t result into anything, because he never followed-through.

Several months later though…

Da who ang boylalou?

Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into? Hahaha!

So cheers, to the year of taking chances and leaping before looking. May 2012 be as exciting as its predecessor. I’m looking forward to a whole lot of things this 2012…but that’s for a different post.

Happy New Year, y’all! ^o^V

Tucked Away

It’s one of those things that you keep in the back of your mind.

Like boxes you store in the attic, locked and hidden from the rest of the world, away from prying eyes. It’s nothing horrible, really. It’s just that you keep them where there’s less chances for people to stumble upon them and ask awkward questions.

You go back to open them once in a while, brushing off the layers of dust, rummaging through each box, examining the contents one by one, remembering what they all meant to you, asking yourself if its worth keeping them there.

There’s this one box that I’ve been keeping in the attic for a while now.

But I guess it’s time to take one last look, and throw it all out.

Photo by Planet Game

Previously, in an episode of “Chenylity”

“While she manages Source of the Force as they resume their regular  Friday stint in Casa Nami, Chenyl runs into a high school friend,  Frederick,  in the Makati hotspot. Fred brings with him a crowd to celebrate his despedida, among them is a guy who catches Chenyl’s eye and eventually comes up to flirt shamelessly with her.

This leads to a run-in with her old flame, who brings with him an apology…and a desire to be friends again.

“I don’t want to fight anymore…”

Another guy expresses his mixed emotions as he watched her in action on “the field”.

“That was the first time I actually saw you in The Game. I’m proud of you, Vixen…and just a bit jealous. You did great tonight. “

The episode ends with her band’s drummer almost getting into a fist fight with the bartender.

What does the next episode hold for our heroine? Tune in next week.”


Is it just me, or is my life becoming more and more like a TV series???

Emotional Workout

These past few days have been strenuous for my head and my heart, so forgive me for any cheesiness and emo crap that will flow from here on out. It’s my blog and I must vent.

An Unexpected Kiss:
I do not know where that came from, but it was a pleasant surprise. I do not know much about you either, but I am curious. Curious about you as a whole, curious as to why you did what you did, curious about where it can lead to, curious if I’m ready for it. I could’ve stopped you you know, but I didn’t. I figure, I spent last year taking all sorts of crazy chances, didn’t I? Not all of them ended well, mind you, but I can still say I’m glad that I did.

So, I am still open to any possibility. If you are too, you know where to find me. Who knows, maybe this one will end better than others.

A Goodbye:
My friend, it has been ten years of laughter, debates and randomness. The fact that there would be no more impromptu invites from you for a while still hasn’t sunk in, but I do hope that you know that I will miss you so, so much. You leaving is only the first step to the many great things that you’ve always been meant for. I’m just sad that we didn’t get to spend more time on your last few days here.

Good luck love, and I hope you find what you seek. I look forward to your return, and the stories that you will bring with you.

A Breakup:
I wasn’t aware that a breakup can happen without an actual relationship, but it just did. You are unconventional, and so am I, and it only makes sense that what we had (have?) was unconventional too, right down to the breakup. We were never fond of mainstream, were we? (Wait, no, you went with the popular choice so I guess you like mainstream just enough.)

I always thought that this, whatever it is that we had, didn’t mean much to you. But I guess I was wrong, if it bothered you so much that you had to bring it up. That caught me way off-guard. And…I must admit that it did mean something to me too, I just never thought about it. I didn’t want to, because the circumstances aren’t very friendly to our situation. I figured it wasn’t going to happen anyway, so why bother myself with it.

Maybe someday, if and when your heart is free once more, and if mine still is, maybe we can try and pick up where we left off. For now, all I can say is it’s been a good game, my dear. Good game indeed.