I am a marked woman

I always said I liked tattoos, but I didn’t want to get one because it was so permanent. I never even thought about how painful it would be to get one. I thought very little about the fact that I might not be able to donate blood anymore, or worse, contract a blood borne disease. All I cared about was…what if I wake up one day and realize that I don’t like it anymore? Or whatever I imprinted on my skin isn’t really “me” anymore? Hassle, pare.

And think about it, how would it look like when I’m all old and wrinkly and saggy? Nyerk.

But so much has already changed for me these past couple of years that now I find some comfort in minor things that are constant. Before I knew it, one random day I just said, “Okay. I want to get inked.”

With that, my kaladkarin friend and I set an appointment at Gene Testa’s in Robinson’s Galleria so I can get this on my skin:

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

Any close friend of mine would know where that line is from. If you don’t, shame on you, our friendship is a lie. Hahaha!

In fairness, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I saw episodes in Miami Ink where clients would pass out from the pain, so I kinda expected tears or at least a heavy stream of curses and complaints. Not bad. I also expected the pain to be like a series of needles poking at you continuously, but in actual, I think it felt more like my skin was being burned.

I am LOVING the tattoo so far! I think even when I do get all wrinkly and saggy, I can still say I’m a badass grandma.


Clarissa Darling Was My Fashion Icon

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always dressed a little…differently. I may not be what you would call very fashionable, nor was my style outrageously out there, but at least I could say there’s a personal stamp on the way I dressed. More often than not, I choose not to follow trends (save for a few that looked great on my body type. I was rather chubby, you see.)

HS Christmas Dance, 2003

A classmate of mine said once, before a Valentine dance, when I described the outfit I had in mind. “Hay nako, magpaturo ka nga magdamit.”

I took that as a personal insult. Just because I didn’t own a pair of “pedal pushers” (I didn’t understand that fad, those pants looked like bitin jeans or overlong shorts) and I didn’t don racerback tanks all the time (hams for arms, anyone?), it didn’t mean I can’t dress. I wore patterned minidresses with tights, and off shoulder tops with long skirts even though those ensembles weren’t considered cool. I didn’t care much, all I knew was that that was the closest to Clarissa Darling fashion I could get and I loved it.

I freaking LOVED this show

That personal style carried over and evolved to this day. Comfy, a little edgy, and showing just a little bit of skin: that’s how I’d describe it. If you knew me at all, you’d understand why words like “soft”, “dainty” or “feminine” were never really applicable.

Purple zebra-striped top (Tomato), black denim mini (Zara), black slouchy boots (Janylin)

However, I feel it’s a time for a little change, or at least an expansion of my usual looks. I wanted to try something very girly, like florals or babydoll dresses and whatnot, but those things just never looked right on me. I’m not exactly what you’d call a delicate flower.

I am no dainty lady

A friend of mine and I swore to change our image in the following year (hello Ice!). She’s going for the feminine, laidback, Boho vibe and promptly suggested that I could go for preppy.

That could work, I think. Preppy is not overtly feminine, so I think I can still make it work for me. I’m not excited about all the layering though, not in our humid country. With all the commuting I do, I’d probably end up sweating like a whore in church. Is there a way to work out a preppy look without having to layer so much?

Should I go for it? Any other style suggestions would be much appreciated!