Happy 2nd Anniversary, Globe Telecom Complaint!

I swear, Globe is like that crazy ex-boyfriend that you want so badly to get rid of because he’s so toxic and bad for your overall health, but wouldn’t leave you alone and holds you hostage in some way.

I am writing this post about the wonderful journey of the prolonged resolution of my Globe complaint, mainly to document the experience in case I need a reference in the future. In my experience, you can never really tell with Globe if an issue is already resolved for real or if it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Also, I wanted to rant. If you’d rather not read a whiny ass post, you might want to stop here (but I hope you come back later when I post more fun and/or useful things!). Continue reading


Cake2Go Served Me Lies

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like my sweets. Dessert is sacred to me. I don’t mind spending a little extra money for quality dessert, as long as it’s worth it.

That being said, I’ve always been intrigued by Cake 2 Go. I mean just look at this flyer:

Look at all that promised yumminess and tell me you’re not tempted either. The prices seem pretty friendly too, at around 400-600 a cake. Seemed like a good deal, yeah?

Since it was rainy and petiks all of Sunday, we just decided to stay at home for Mother’s Day. I’ve had this mad craving for cake since Friday so I thought of just getting a cake delivered as a Mother’s Day present for my mom and Tita Ging. It was a chance to finally try Cake 2 Go.

The consensus was that everyone wanted the Oreo Cheesecake. So I called up the nearest branch, which was in Banawe, to have it delivered.

They refused to deliver ’cause 1) they said that the minimum required for them to deliver was PHP 600 (Oreo cheesecake was about 400+) and 2) they said Oreo Cheesecake is one of the cakes that they do not deliver because it melts easily. (That should’ve tipped me off right there.)

I was a little ticked-off also that they refuse to deliver because we didn’t meet the minimum. One of Cake 2 Go’s selling points is that they deliver, so it’s less of a hassle to get good cake. My house isn’t that far from the branch, it’s just that it’s a little rainy and it’s a hassle to get out of the house. At least they should’ve put a disclaimer on the site or their flyers. But okay, I let that slide. Even fast food joints have minimums that we have to meet, right?

So I just sent my brother out to buy the cake instead (an extra PHP 60 for the trike ride). I was already positively wiggling with excitement when he got home. I will be eating cake! YAY!


But instead I got this:


Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but that is not cheesecake. It’s not even cake at all. It’s vanilla ice cream with a thin Oreo crust, pretending to be cheesecake. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

Maybe it’s my fault also for not asking what the cake is made of. But HELLO. It is called Oreo Cheesecake. It doesn’t really take a genius to figure out what it should be made of.

I didn’t finish eating my slice. Seriously. I felt betrayed. Sure 400 pesos isn’t that big, and it may not be a big deal to some people, but to me dessert is SRZBZNZ. I could’ve spent the money getting something more worth it, like maybe a cake from Dezaato Pan (about a block away from Cake2Go, Banawe). Or Reese’s Ice Cream.


Maybe it was just ill luck and timing. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. Honestly though, I am not too keen on giving Cake2Go another chance. Not if I’m paying for it.