Back to Blogging and Hand Cream Capsule Reviews

It’s been years since I posted blogs in a consistent manner. Lately though, I’ve had a sudden urge to get back into it. Maybe it’s because my job involves a lot of digital communication so it makes me want to explore it further on a personal level. Maybe it’s because of all the advancement in mobile productivity that enables me to blog straight from my hand phone. Maybe I’m jelly of all the PR packages active bloggers get and I want in on the action.

(That last bit is a joke. Don’t blog for the sole purpose of getting freebies, kids. It’s tacky.)

Whatever the case may be, I’m glad this old space of mine in the blogosphere is still here.

But I digress. Today I want to talk about skin care.

Those who know me personally would know how passionate I am now on the subject of skin care and delaying the signs of physical aging. There’s a lot of talk everywhere about products for the face and neck but body care seems to be lagging a bit behind.

I’ve been super into hand moisturizers lately, since I feel my hands are feeling tighter and drier than usual. I searched in The Project Vanity Community, a fairly newly formed Facebook group of Philippine-based beauty enthusiasts, for recommendations but didn’t find any and I was too lazy to trawl through other forums lol. So, I thought I’d go ahead and try a few things and share my thoughts online instead.  Continue reading


I am a marked woman

I always said I liked tattoos, but I didn’t want to get one because it was so permanent. I never even thought about how painful it would be to get one. I thought very little about the fact that I might not be able to donate blood anymore, or worse, contract a blood borne disease. All I cared about was…what if I wake up one day and realize that I don’t like it anymore? Or whatever I imprinted on my skin isn’t really “me” anymore? Hassle, pare.

And think about it, how would it look like when I’m all old and wrinkly and saggy? Nyerk.

But so much has already changed for me these past couple of years that now I find some comfort in minor things that are constant. Before I knew it, one random day I just said, “Okay. I want to get inked.”

With that, my kaladkarin friend and I set an appointment at Gene Testa’s in Robinson’s Galleria so I can get this on my skin:

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

Any close friend of mine would know where that line is from. If you don’t, shame on you, our friendship is a lie. Hahaha!

In fairness, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I saw episodes in Miami Ink where clients would pass out from the pain, so I kinda expected tears or at least a heavy stream of curses and complaints. Not bad. I also expected the pain to be like a series of needles poking at you continuously, but in actual, I think it felt more like my skin was being burned.

I am LOVING the tattoo so far! I think even when I do get all wrinkly and saggy, I can still say I’m a badass grandma.

Beauty Binging

I went on a trip to Watson’s very recently to replenish my usual supply of toiletries. But since it was payday, I couldn’t resist picking up a few new items to sample.

1. Body Builder Volumizing Hair Cream
2. Celeteque Alcohol-Free Toner
3. Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Blemish Pen
4. Myra-E VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer (Ivory)

I don’t break out very often (thank you, genes) so I haven’t had the chance to try the anti-blemish pen yet. Not that I’m looking forward to a pimple, but I have to wait for one before I could see if Garnier’s SOS thing is effective.

I’ve been using everything else for a week now, and I have to say, I’m very happy with my purchases. Maybe I’ll write a separate review for each if I’m not too lazy.