“The Godpapu” Bags 4-peat Award for MCC

In the company I work for, the Christmas party is the most anticipated event of the year. Every year the event organizers come up with a theme, and a competition that goes along with it. All three business units come up with a presentation aligned with the theme, and they compete for the ultimate prize.

Now, what you must understand is that there is a certain amount of pressure to win the presentation. Our BU has won the competition for three consecutive years, making them undefeated champions of the annual Christmas parties.

This year’s theme: Oscars Film Awards Night. The competition: a short film.

It took several brainstorming sessions, coming up with spoofs for romantic comedies, horror flicks and even Memoirs of a Geisha. We scrapped all the ideas we came up with, thinking none of them were award-winning at all. I proposed the idea of using The Godfather, with our big boss (whom we fondly called “Papu”) playing the Don, but sadly, none of the original members of the committee were too psyched with that idea either, so we scrapped that too.

And then, just when we already made the consensus NOT to join at all, the big boss heard of The Godfather idea and was all for it. Apparently, he’s a HUGE fan of the iconic classic. Very much so that he agreed to playing our version Don Corleone, as long as he didn’t have to memorize lines. He didn’t even object when he found out we’ve been calling him “Papu” behind his back all this time. He came up with the main “plot” of the short film as well, offered his place for the shoot  itself and even tweaked the script a little as we went along.

Our official poster. We have an Italian version too, entitled "Il Papudrino"

It was a last-minute project, involving a day-long shoot and several days worth of sleepless nights of editing. Several shots of Jack had to be consumed for our cast to get the Italian accent right.

Confidence boosters!

Admittedly, it was rather rushed, so none of us really expected to win. We had a blast making it though and we made a load of hilarious memories in the process. It was something of a bonding experience for us, being the first time we “hung out” with our big boss in his own territory, and caught a glimpse of his non-work personality.

The Consiglieri, The Don and The Pet

Dramatic shots courtesy of Melabear, and Leme Cam

We spent a huge chunk of the shoot giggling at the idea that The Godpapu’s pet is a wooden elephant.

Say hello to Dumbo


Win or lose, we all agreed that this project held a special place in our hearts.

BUT it seems that our attempts at being artsy were well-appreciated by the competition’s judges. We bagged four awards for our short film, including Best Trailer, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and the grand prize for Best Picture.

Congratulations to the Familia!

Pressure’s on for next year, then. The tradition lives on! Congratulations to the team!


Wordpress for Android

Testing, testing.

…what. Yes I got an Android phone. Yes it has a touch screen and a slide out qwerty keypad.

Preferences change, okay?

Will write more about my lovely new pet in a separate post. For now, I’m just testing out the WordPress app. Seems to be working well enough.

A Kind of Burning

A Kind of Burning – Ophelia Dimalanta

it is perhaps because
one way or the other
we keep this distance
closeness will tug as apart
in many directions
in absolute din
how we love the same
trivial pursuits and
insignificant gewgaws
spoken or inert
claw at the same straws
pore over the same jigsaws
trying to make heads or tails
i take the edges
you take the center
keeping fancy guard
seeing beyond what is there
you sling at the stars
i bedeck the weeds
straining in song or
profanities towards some
fabled meeting apart
from what dreams read
and suns dismantle
we have been all the hapless
lovers in this wayward world
in almost all kinds of ways
except we never really meet
but for this kind of burning.

It’s works like this that make me really miss writing poetry.

Scar Formation

I took a trip down memory lane last night. There were old photos and notes, little professions of the things you felt for me back then, evidence of the promises you made.

It was like taking a band-aid off a wound to see how it’s doing.

Glad to say that it didn’t bleed. There’s a little bit of an ache, but it has dulled from how bad it used to burn. It’s only a matter of time before a scar would be all that’s left, just a mark on my skin, neither painful nor pleasurable.

Something to remember you by.

Sorry for the emo post, I just had to. If I don’t let that out, it’d fester into something grosser. XD

Welcome to the Crossroads

Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to write.

I preferred storybooks over toys, and made up tales in my head, using dolls as the characters. I went on journeys in the playground, sometimes alone, other times with a playmate who would humor my rather silly musings.

It was in high school that I discovered I had a knack for it, when I tried out for the school org. “She’s what we’re looking for” they had said, and for a while I believed that I was actually good at it. I wrote poetry and short stories, reviews and fanfiction. I had a diary, and then a blog, and wrote about anything and everything I could think of. It didn’t matter if I wrote about inane, teenage experiences or *gag* unrequited love. All that mattered was that I wrote.

Then I stopped. For reasons that even I couldn’t tell, I stopped writing. Maybe I didn’t have enough time, maybe I was always too tired, or simply terribly uninspired. It’s been a while since I wrote something of substance, and whatever talent I had has dwindled away, atrophied from disuse.

Now, however, is a good time for me to try and start again. I’ve just experienced how it is to get in a relationship, be in one, and get out of one. I’m out of college and is currently in search of a job. What career path to follow, I do not know yet. No, that’s not a late manifestation of teenage angst. I’m a Nursing graduate (yes, I know what you’re thinking), who, like many others in my place, is contemplating on whether I made the right choice in pursuing the said course.

So here I am. This is me standing at the crossroads, trying to navigate through the many twisted paths and to avoid any more dead ends. If you’d like to join me, you are most welcome. I could use the company. 🙂